I will dive through the sky Just to check on your smile Find a way to feature in dreams. I forgot my lines to your rhymes I'll rehearse them this time, believe.   Does God now know your name? Has your face stayed the same? I grabbed a bible without a clue what it means. … Continue reading Awake



Blurred eyes. White lines. Moonlight. Fist fight. Sweet escape. Breathe away. Lemonade. Tanqueray. Sheets torn. Sex worn. Curled toes. Love those. Black rose. Lord knows. New jeans. Ripped knees. Marry me. End scene. The evening doesn’t love you like I love you I want to see you naked, I’d still care. The world knows nothing … Continue reading You


The flowers say to you "I’m sorry" Chocolate suggests you’ve been on my mind Tears down your face say you disagree.     Half-filled cup, You got bored making coffee again. Sunday morning clothes on, We are not going to dinner then. "Have you seen my socks please?" Didn't mean for that to make you … Continue reading Olivia