The flowers say to you “I’m sorry”

Chocolate suggests you’ve been on my mind

Tears down your face say you disagree.



Half-filled cup,

You got bored making coffee again.

Sunday morning clothes on,

We are not going to dinner then.

“Have you seen my socks please?”

Didn’t mean for that to make you cry.

I left.

Didn’t slam the door.

The irony is I tried


Bumped into your mum in town.

She waved, I looked down.

She wore your jumper.

I wonder what you’re wearing now.

What are you tweeting about?

I really didn’t want to have coffee with her.


Her name is Olivia.

The world sings and has music.

Embarrassingly she looks a bit like you.

If it counts for anything, she’s a Pisces.

It hasn’t rained once since she got her hair coloured.

The gods approve.


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