Little One

So recently my brother and his partner had a beautiful baby!

When the news broke, everyone started to frantically run to shops to buy clothes and toys. I wanted to give a gift that baby Ella could keep forever. So, I set about writing a poem for her, giving my best advice I could offer after stumbling through life for 26 years. Enjoy.


I know you’ll be loved and give love back

There is nothing more important in this life than that.


Do not get worked up over things you can’t change,

Look for the good in whatever remains.

Do not stress over what CAN be changed,

Just change it.


Pay no attention to money.

It comes and goes like fashion and trends.

Hold the hands of the ones who love you

Your family, your angels and friends.


Laugh whenever you feel like laughing.

Dance whenever you feel the need.

Cry whenever and wherever you want to.

Eat whatever you want to eat.


Look up and see beauty in the world around you;

The stars, the sunrise and sea.

Let positivity surround you.

Be whatever your heart wants you to be.


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