She’s so pretty.

I want to skim stones with her.

I want to buy books and take Instagram pictures of her reading those books and hashtag things about how beautiful she looks.

She wears converse trainers and doodles over them.

I want to write a poem about those trainers and how much I’d like to have a pair of them.

I’d give her my last Rolo if that was still a relevant gesture.

She would never get 3D’d by the Dudleys if we were wrestlers

What I mean is, I’d protect her.

I want to discover a song that can be our song and it will be from a band no-one has heard of.

We would go to watch them gig and the drummer would give her his drumstick. d

She’d love it.

We would hold hands in a weird way and talk about bands.

I’d find out she was allergic to milk and I’d giggle and make some shit joke I can’t quite think of yet.

She would smell of the perfume aisle at Boots but it wouldn’t be overpowering.

Some designer scent she got for her birthday, something sweet and flowery.

I’d smell of Lynx Africa.

Nothing says mature man ready to take on love and the world like Lynx Africa.

I’d walk her to her flat. Nar.

She would have a house I think.

She would invite me in and I would say “No thank you”

Because if I go in with her, all I’d think about is kissing her and nan told me to wait for 3 dates.

Play it cool.

That way she knows you’re a gentleman.

Play it cool.

Wait to meet her for date 2.

Play it cool.

This could be the start of something perfect.

Play it cool.


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